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Cricket line & Fantasy Experts

Commitment to Streamline Your Cricket Dream Project” encapsulates a comprehensive approach dedicated to refining and enhancing every aspect of your cricket aspirations.

Our Technologies

We are using these technologies and our team expert in programing langauge & platform.

Develop your dream project for Cricket

with our professional team develop your dream project. Amazing cricket live line app & cricket fantasy app development with technoboat.

Best UI

get best ui and ux for your app with good experienced team.

Professional Team

get your project with our professional team in expertize in cricket projects

Full Support

24 x7 support available. 3 months full support after  project done.

Cricket Experts

our technical team and cricket expert team both discuss and work.

API Integration

with eaxy cricket live line api and cricket fantasy api integration.

Live Testing

all device support live testing and all screens issues solve.

Crafting the Ultimate Cricket Experience

TechnoBoat” signifies a dynamic and innovative team, while “Professional Team” underscores expertise and reliability. “Cricket App Development” specifies the service provided, and “Your Premier Partner” implies a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.


“TechnoBoat has been an essential part of our Cricket app success. It’s easy for Users to use, and the integration with Ball by ball & Commentary has improved accuracy. Our users have noticed the difference!”

Satisfied Clients Share Their Stories

meet the Team Members




Expert in Java and more programing langauge with 7 year + experience




Graphic designe expert in Illustarator, Figma and more with 5 year + experience



Backend developer expert Node js and more experience with 4 year + experience



Good knowledge of SEO and always best for website rank with 8 year + experience

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